Signs From the Universe

Is it a sign or just a coincidence from The Universe?

Do you ever feel the Universe is trying to tell you something, but you couldn’t fully comprehend the message?

Signs are everywhere in our Universe. The universe talks to us through our experiences. Everybody is busy investing their time in things that helps them to take step a forward to something in their future. We are too busy to see the little great moments that we cherish in our lives. It is also worth to learn painful lessons to guide us into the person we are now days. Why not, try to take a moment to look around your surroundings. Try to be grateful what you have today because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Again, the universe doesn’t always make these things obvious.

Firstmost, Pay attention.

The universe doesn’t have any limit on how it will speak to you. Maybe you had to go through a job you got fired from to learn a mistake and shape you into a better person in order to get a job you love. Or you had to go through a painful break up to experience a heart break before you are ready to meet the right person. Or you were supposed to be at a specific event to to meet a new friend. We all are trying to find our purpose in our lives.

It is those little moments we overlook. If you start to pay attention, you will realize the universe is giving you signs in your own interpretations.

I’m not telling you to go outside and literally seek for a sign from the Universe. I want you to increase more awareness of your surroundings including yourself. If you start to accept where you are right now and be in tune with yourself. That also means loving yourself too. The universe want to help you, but often we block help and we don’t see signs. If you learn how to surrender and let things naturally,  you will begin to see signs around you.

How you interpret your signs is up to you. You may want to pray for guidance to whatever higher power you believe in. You may want a clear sign from the Universe. The more open you are, the easier you will get answers to your questions. Take a moment to write down all the joy you experienced in your life. What is that joy telling you to do? How can you bring more joy in your life? Also Make sure to jot down other signals you are getting. Perhaps you are experiencing a toxic friendship or any physical pain. What messages the universe sending you? All I can say is to be tune of yourself and be more aware.

I want to share a personal experience of receiving a sign from the Universe. This happened in 2013 when I was twenty three. I was in a relationship, so one day my boyfriend at the time and I argued badly over something I can’t recall. I had enough of the fight, so I told him I need a break and went outside to take a fresh breath of air. I was sitting down on cement outside of an apartment complex. It was a hot summer day. I was looking down at the grass and ponder over what went wrong. I saw something shiny coming from the grass. So, I peered through the grass. It was a silver heart. It was half buried in the mud. Then I found two rocks around the silver heart. So, I digged and  picked up two rocks. The first one was an engraving of a butterfly and the other one was an engraving of the word, faith. I was so shocked and couldn’t believe myself. I had to look around to see if someone was looking for the things I found. I started to accept that it was a sign from the Universe to be free, and have faith in love. That was something I had to hear at that time. You don’t have to believe me but this is my interpretation of the sign I got from the Universe. That very same day, I became a believer in signs from the Universe.

This is the picture of the heart and two rocks. Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 5.22.40 PM.png


Top Ten Romance- Musical Films

Tales of romance and love,  a favorite topic in films, novels and music. Love is by far the most common topic,  and that’s nothing new. Romance through music has been around almost as long as music itself. Today, the marriage of music and film has given us a new way of experiencing these emotions as stories are told with breathtaking visuals that bring us closer to the characters and music that pushes you to weep. Often without you even noticing that it was there.

10. Rock n Roll High School (1979)


9. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)


8.  Footloose (1989)



7.  High Fidelity (2000)


6. Across The Universe (2008)


5. Grease (1978)


4. Cadillac Records (2008)


3. Walk the Line (2005)


2. Begin Again (2014)


1. Once (2007)




CBD: Alternative pain relief and benefits

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is part of the least processed cannabis plant. Marijuana and Hemp comes from the same plant. CBD is mostly derived from Hemp for medical use. It does not get you high. Currently in 2019, ten states are allowed to use Cannabis for recreational use. 47 states are allowed to use CBD medically. As of the 2018 farm bill, CBD must contain 0.3 percent of THC. It needs to follow the state-federal regulations. Lastly, Hemp needs to be grown by a properly licensed grower. 

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from Hemp. The mixture comes with coconut oil or hempseed.

Health Benefits of CBD














I believe CBD can contribute greatly in your mental and physical health. I’m talking from my personal experiences of using CBD as a pain relief. I experienced a lower back pain that was unbearably to deal with. Sciatic nerve pain kept shooting shocks from my tailbone to my left leg. My left leg was numb and tingling off and on for several weeks in October 2018. I couldn’t sleep on my normal side. I had to lie on my back straight on my futon couch for around 3 weeks. The cushion was firm enough to get rid of my pain temporarily. My bed was too soft to support my back. It was one of the scariest moments I experienced living on my own. Luckily, I lived in Colorado where I could use CBD recreational and medical use. I used tincture drops every morning and night to help get rid of my shooting pain. Sometime I would put the drops in my coffee. CBD drops can come in different flavors. I liked the chocolate mint flavor I got from a deaf owned hemp company, CBDTech. The dosage was 5O MG. By the time it was out. The pain kept coming back. I literally fed myself ibuprofen like it was my food. It was to the point where I almost became addicted. I eventually went to my primary care doctor and referred me to physical therapy. My lower back muscles had a lot of build up that kept pressing on my nerves. It needs a lot of massages and walking. As of now, the pain is gone. I’m not trying to force you to try CBD. I just want to share my personal experience so you could keep in mind.

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Flipside 1988: Volume 4

March 6, 1988

Tanya is standing speechless at her teenage mother Karen. Greg is waving his hand front of her. She blinked her eyes and got back to reality.

“You alright?” He signed to Tanya. Maria joins the conversation.

“Yeah, are you ok? Do you need a fresh of air?” Maria asked.

Tanya looks at Greg and Maria. She sighs quietly and nods her head. She lied that she doesn’t need a fresh of air. She doesn’t want to cause a scene.

“I’ll be okay.” Tanya signed back.

She nervously smiles while Greg and Karen cluelessly know what just happened to Tanya. Maria makes a suspicious glare at Tanya. She knows something is up. “Let’s go outside. I need to smoke a cigarette”.  An excuse for Maria to get out and have a conversation with Tanya. Maria grabbed Tanya’s arm and headed downstairs to go outside. Tanya made a confused face expression as Maria grabbed her arms. Karen and Greg looks at each other and went back to their friends and drink more alcohol.

Maria and Tanya is outside of Benson Hall. Maria grabs a white lighter out of her black bleached pants. She lights up a Marlboro Gold Cigarette. She lets out a smoke.

“So… what was that about?” Maria signs with a concerned expression.

Tanya chuckles with a sarcastic tone. “First.. You smoke cigs now? Second. Do you recognize who that girl is?” Tanya replies back.

Maria laughs . “I guess since this crazy adventure we have been on and couldn’t find weed.  I think I know who I can score from.” She smiles and thought about Dan. “And no I don’t know who she is?”. Maria asked.

“That girl was my fucking mother!” Tanya signed back.

Maria fluttered her eyes and stutters. She doesn’t know how to reply back to the reveal. “You fucking serious?? Is it really her?” Maria exclaimed.

“YES! IT IS HER! The moment I saw her. I knew. Is this crazy or what?” Tanya laughed with mixed emotions.

“We really need weed.” Maria laughed.  Both of them are laughing at the crazy adventure they have been on.

Cindy  comes running outside of Benson Hall exit Door. “Oh! There you are! She is breathing heavily. I’ve been looking allover for you both. Something crazy just happened!” We just found out that Elizabeth Zinser just got elected to be Gallaudet’s seventh president!” Maria and Tanya gasped.

“Oh shit.” Maria signed back. Cindy smirked and nods. “Yeah, people are going to be outside any time now. They are so mad.”

Tanya widened her eyes.  She spotted a crowd of angry drunk students stumbling down the stairs that leads to Benson Hall’s exit.

“We better move out of their way!” Tanya warned the girls.

An angry mob rambled through the doors. Dan, Rick, Greg, Karen and Sharon was found among the mob.

Maria spotted Dan. She waves her hand to get his attention. Dan saw her wave and told the gang to follow him.

“Oh, there you are!” Dan smiled at Maria.

“Yeah, Tanya and I went out to get a fresh of air”. Maria signed back.

Karen asked the gang, “Does anyone have a cigarette I could bum? Just ran out of my pack?”

Maria raised her hand. “I do.”

She pulls out a cigarette of  her Marlboro Gold pack. She hands a cigarette to Karen.”  She chuckled awkwardly. Karen is lighting up a cigarette. Maria exchanges  a confused face expression toward Tanya behind Karen’s back. Tanya is looking at Maria’s face expression. She could read what Maria is trying to say. Tanya finds it awkward to know her teenager mother smokes and party.  Sharon saw Maria and Tanya talking. Sharon has blond feathered short hair. She is wearing a leather jacket with high waisted bleached jeans.

Sharon interrupted and stated. “Hi! I don’t mean to interrupt your conversation.”

“Karen told me  you both and Cindy are staying in our room! My name is Sharon. I’m Karen’s older sister.” She smiled and shook Tanya and Maria’s hands. Tanya realized she just met her aunt. She smiled while in her head, there are million of thoughts piling up. Tanya acts cool and hides it. She exchanged a look with Maria.

Maria is about to ask Dan if he could find some but she heard an eruption of loud yells coming from a mob. Different group of people are coming from different dorms to the court yard that centers and connects all dorms. Angry mobs is chanting in American Sign Language. “Zinser needs to go!”

A boy in a jean jacket with a brown, medium mullet hair cut. He has dark aviator sunglasses on. He rose up on on a white table front of the unruly assembly. He waves to get their attention.

“Do you  want to show the world what we can do??!” The boy asked the crowd.

The army roared back to him in agreement.

The unnamed boy demanded. “Let’s march and protest by the entrance of Gallaudet!”

The deaf army flocked onto the sidewalk that leads to the entrance of Gallaudet. Cindy, Rick and Greg already left to follow the mob. Left behind is Dan, Maria, Tanya with her mom and aunt.

Dan signed, “Shall we follow them?”

All nodded in agreement.

Tanya found herself walking next to her mom and Aunt Sharon. She is starting to feel more comfortable that she has some family around.

They arrived to the protest area. Hundreds are spilling out on Florida Ave. Angry crowds are signing loudly. “Zinser need to go!” Zinser to go!” Some are drinking beers from cans. They are blocking the traffic. Angry drivers are jeering at them.

Tanya witnessed a hearing driver yelling at a white male student in a leather jacket. He has a  long, brown mohawk. Tanya could read lips what the driver is saying.

“Get out!” A hearing driver shouted.

The punk boy laughed. ” Nah. We aren’t leaving.” He smirked and crossed his arms.

A hefty old man with brown rimmed glasses is running past Tanya. He is bald with gray beard. He is seen wearing in a gray suit with red tie. He waved his hands to the crowd.

“Hey hey! I’m Gary Olsen, president of National Association of the Deaf. You all are blocking the traffic. You all will be arrested if you continue to do this. I suggest you all please go to Mayflower hotel and demand the board to give an answer!”

Tanya found herself with her mom and Sharon shouting in agreement of what Gary just said. She feels empowered. Something she is finally agreeing on with her mom. They are walking down to Mayflower Hotel. Red, Blue and White lights are blinding her as they arrived. Tons of Cops are blocking the street. Chaos just broke out. The boards is in the middle of answering questions to the reporters. Angry crowds are cursing and yelling at the board that just made the decision about Zinser. A red haired woman is seen interpreting what the board is telling to the students. One board member is standing out to Tanya is an old woman with gray, short hair. She feels a bad vibe coming from that woman. Tanya notices that she is giving the crowd a bad attitude which made add more fuel to the fire.

“Who is that?” She asked her mom.

“That is Jane Spilman. She is the University of Gallaudet Board of Trustees Chairperson”.  Karen signed back.

“Ugh, She looks mean!” Tanya commented.

Maria and Dan are pushing their way through a crowd. They lost Tanya along with her mom, Sharon and Greg. Cindy is off somewhere with Rick. Maria can see Tanya from a distance. On the way to where Tanya is. A drunk male student threw a beer can overhead and accidentally hit Maria’s head.

“Oooh that hurts! She cramps her hand against her head. Dan saw the whole incident. He got furious and went up to the drunk guy. Dan pushed him. “What the fuck was that?” Pay attention to where you are going!” The drunk  muttered and stumbled. He tried to take a swing but missed Dan. He fell to the ground and passed out. Some students saw and laughed. Dan ran to Maria.

“Are you okay?” He touched Maria’s arms and expressed concerns.

She smiled and nodded as she groaned.

“I’m okay but I’ll be sore tomorrow.” She replied. They exchanged looks. She smiled at him. They got closer. Dan leans in and gave a kiss to Maria. She kisses back. They made out little more. She pulls back and bites her lips. Dan wants to kiss more. Maria giggled. We better find Tanya and others. Dan looks slightly disappointed but he understood. He smiled and they hold hands to get through the crowd.

Tanya saw Maria and Dan coming toward her way. “Oh there you are!” She exclaimed.

“Yeah its crazy out here! Lets call this a night? It is already around Midnight”

Tanya agreed. Sharon, Karen and Her boyfriend joined them on the way back. It was a long walk back from Mayflower Hotel to Gallaudet Campus. While they are walking back to the campus.

Sharon is walking fast as she could. Sharon looks worried. Tanya caught her aunt acting weird. A skinny, nerdy boy stops Sharon.

“There you are, my lady” He bared his braces and pushed his glasses up. Sharon groaned and rolled her eyes.

“I’m not your lady! Sharon replied back.

“I’m not interested in you! Get lost”.

“Someday you will be mine, my love” He smiles.

Tanya realized and gasped the Geeky young boy is her History teacher Keith Young.















A Photo Writing Contest


The Photo Writing contest is to find an inspiring picture on your phone camera roll. 


  • A picture of you with an achievement 
  • A portrait of you doing something you love to do
  • A portrait of someone with you that makes you feel that touched your life for the better.  
  • A picture of something that is taken by you that inspires you to make a difference in this world


Write a short story about an inspiring photo you have. Few examples to help you to write. Explain why you picked this picture. Why does it speak to you that inspires you? Write about the emotions you feel about that picture. What is your goals to make a difference in this world? Write in your own words. 

  • The picture can be either color or black & white
  • Be Creative! 
  • Share your photo and story on Instagram , Facebook and mention @ontheyellowroad  and hashtag #photowritingcontest2019 #ontheyellowroad #inspiration
  • No texts on pictures allowed



April 30th 2019  12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

Contest Prize

  • Be featured on the Yellow Road website and Instagram
  • A 20 dollars Visa gift card



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Healing and Positivity

Self -transformation is not only about weight loss. Healing is a part of a self transformation journey. Beside eating better and exercise, healing is an important powerful tool you can use. It takes people including me a long time to discover what triggers them and learn to heal properly. Healing won’t change you overnight. I’m no expert on this healing topic But, I can tell you I’m right there with you on this healing journey if you allow it.

At age 29, I am finally recognizing that I need some healing in order to self transform more.

Today, I had a great day. I was smiling and thought I kicked ass at today. I ate healthy and exercised. Yet,  As of 30 minutes ago. I feel sad and hurt all of the sudden. That’s when Depression/sadness says hello.

It’s exactly like that shadow that follows Peter Pan. I’m not perfect. Nobody is perfect honestly.  I recognized few tools to help me to get my mind busy which is to write this blog. Writing is part of my healing journey. It feeds my brain.

Listening to music is is a healing tool that feeds my heart and mind.  I’m currently listening to “Dream on” by Aerosmith. I listen to that song once a while when I’m down. I go to shows to listen to the art they create with their instruments. I get my rage and groove on. After all the dances I do. I feel great. I could write another blog post about my top 5 best concerts I attended another time.


Art/photography is another healing tool I like to use. Experimenting with art or photography is something anyone could do. I currently am experimenting with watercolor and sharpies. The combination of those two reminds me of graphic design. The next experimentation I want to learn about is Fluid Art. The medium always have been fascinating to me. It speaks science and art to me. The beauty of this is that anything you create can be ART. Without Art, Earth is EH.




My grandfather always tell me this, “Go where you are fed”. Doing things you love can help boost your mental health.

As much I love doing those things but honestly that would not complete my healing journey. I need to self discover deeper and figure out what really causes me to feel sad and hurt. That is something I could talk to a professional therapist about. I’m not here to make you feel sorry about me or trigger your emotions. I’m here to let you know I’m there with you. You are not alone if you are feeling sad or hurt.

No body gets out alive out of Earth. I’m guilty of being quick to judge but honestly, I learned recently life is too short to hold grudges against someone. You never know what people are going through on a daily basis. So try to be kind. You don’t have to be too nice but you get my point.

Let’s spread some positivity toward each other. Tell your friends and family you love them. Ask them how was their day. Take pictures. Spend some time with them. Why am I saying those things because sometime I feel like a shitty friend or a family member. Maybe some of my friends feel I didn’t do enough for them. That might be true but in the end. They are loved very much.

I’m going to go off the point for a little bit but this is related to taking pictures. One day I was hiking with my ex boyfriend. I was so excited and happy so I was taking pictures of us, the beautiful trees and mountains. The next thing he did was to roll his eyes. He didn’t like that I was taking a lot of pictures. I was shocked to learn my own boyfriend at that time didn’t like that I was doing those things. He shot down my confidence. I felt he was shamed to be seen with me. I’m getting teary eyed as I’m writing this but that fucking hurt my feelings. So, my friends and family. Go ahead and take pictures regardless of what they say or feel. This is my only opinion. You could disagree with me. This is based on my experiences. You just never know when is their last day. Embrace that day with them.

Be the love and light in their lives. Be there for them when they are down or sad.

Listen, Laugh and Love and forgive often.


Kat’s top 10 inspirational movies

Are you currently feeling you are in a slump?  Do you need some inspiration to get you moving? I have few good movies in mind that could help you to get inspired. This might lead you to feel more empowered. It may not be for you. You never know till you give it a chance. On my flight from Denver to Cincinnati last weekend. I downloaded few movies from Netflix on my I-phone to keep me occupied. Netflix have downloadable movies you can watch offline.   I placed the phone on a tiny table that is already attached to the back of the seat. I probably looked an idiot to few.  Legally Blonde was part of the suggestions Netflix recommended. I’m telling you right now, that movie spoke to me in new ways I’ve never thought about. That got me thinking to write top 10 inspirational movies.

10. Legally Blonde (2001)

A Sorority blonde,  Elle Woods from the valley enters Harvard Law School to get her boyfriend back. Unexpected surprises happen along the way.

9. Lords of Dogtown (2005)

Based on a true story about the origin of skateboarding and the skateboarding team, Zephyr from Venice, California in the 70’s.

8. Chasing Mavericks (2005)

A biographical film about a strong- willed surfer, Jay Moriarity. He determines to overcome a massive, dangerous wave.

7. Dead Poets Society (1989)

Set  in 1959, An English teacher John Keating inspires his students to give poetry a fresh perspective with their thoughts and authentic emotions.

6. The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)

Set in 1913. A biographical sports film about an amateur golfer, Francis Ouimet. With determination and confidence. He decided  to compete in the U.S open tournament.

5. Almost Famous (2000)

Set in the 70’s. A fifteen year old boy, William Miller is an aspiring rock journalist. He lands his dream assignment which is to write about a story about a rock band, Stillwater for Rolling Stones magazine.

4. Dumplin (2018)

A plus size teen Willowdean enters a beauty pageant to revenge her mother. Along her journey. She learns about closure, growth  and friendship

3. Whip Lash (2014)

An aspiring young drummer Andrew Neiman enters a music academy and meets a mean instructor.

2. Wild (2015)

Based on a true story. Set in 1995,  A recent divorcee Chery Strayed  left Minneapolis to go on a solo hike on the Pacific Crest trail.  A journey of self-discovery and healing. She thinks she is prepared with all her hiking gear she bought. She learned the hard way.

1. Hidden Figures (2016)

A  biographical film on three African American female mathematicians Katherine Johnson, Octavia Spencer, and Dorothy Vaughan. All three worked at NASA during the space race in the sixties.

Be an Elle. Wear pink where people are in boring black suits. Be different. If you want to skate.  Pick up a board. If  you want to dominate those gnarly waves and be a surfer. Chase it! Be like Jay.  If you want to be a teacher and inspire those students. Be an inspiring teacher.  Bring a difference in a classroom. Be a John! If you are an amateur at a sport and want to enter a tournament or the Olympics. Be Francis Ouimet! If you want to be a journalist or be an book author. Have that motivation like William Miller have. He did not let his age stop him.  Grab a paper and pen to start or create a blog. If you want to be a musician like Andrew.  Pick up an instrument and practice like Hell.  Ensure you are with the right instructor ha. If Willowdean could do a beauty contest. You can enter the pageant.  If you want to go on a solo hike like Cheryl did.  You can but please be prepared. If you want to be a mathematician for NASA or other companies. Have the willpower and determination like Katherine, Octavia and Dorothy. Please say those two words with me three times. I CAN! Feed the will power, determination and motivation to the  fire within you. Be simply YOU!!